Saturday, September 25, 2010

*Green Mountain Coffee Review*

Green Mountain Coffee is a fantastic coffee company!  I was sent the Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Organic Vanilla Cream Coffee to review.  As I mentioned in a previous post, my mom is the "coffee queen" in our house (and always has been:)!  She LOVED it!  My mom really enjoys organic products so this was great for her!  She commented that it has exceptional and pure vanilla flavor with a smooth taste...nothing artificial:)  She also stated that this is one of the best tasting coffees.  It is definitely a 10:) 

"Carefully sourcing the perfect bean is just the start. The perfect cup reflects thoughtful consideration of each bean's character, and how different beans can be combined to strike just the right balance of flavor, body and acidity.

Of course, a great cup of coffee should be an everyday occurrence. Once we hit upon the magic combination of roast and recipe, our state-of-the-art software and roasting equipment allows us to replicate a roast profile precisely, time after time. The results can be revelatory."

"Blending is where the art is," says Don Holly, Director of Quality for Green Mountain Coffee. "Knowing which notes will harmonize, and which are better left to solo."

Don was part of a team that developed the recipe for Organic Espresso Blend. Working with the chefs of nearby Shelburne Farms, the team tasted our entire collection of organic, Fair Trade Certified™ beans at a medium roast. They then started blending, adding nuances of chocolate from our Mexican coffee with the deep body found in Indonesian beans.

"That's the way we determined how each element complemented the other, and were able to express the complexity of a good espresso," Don says. "It's like a conductor putting together a symphony of individual musicians."
Green Mountain Coffee has lots of flavors including Pumpkin Spice, Wild Mountain Blueberrry, and Rain Forest Nut!  So check it out today...Green Mountain Coffee is bound to offer something that you'll enjoy!!

Disclaimer: I received free product for this review.  All thought are my own. Italicized words are from the Green Mountain Coffee website. 


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