Friday, September 3, 2010

Mom's Best Naturals Cereal Review!

Are you getting tired of eating corn flakes or Rice Crispies each morning, day in and day out? A perfect solution to your monotonous breakfasts is Mom's Best Naturals! Mom's Best Naturals generously allowed me to choose 2 boxes of cereal to review, so I decided on the Toasted Cinnamon Squares and Mallow Oats. (I thought my brothers would enjoy marshmallows in their cereal:) I am glad there were different kinds to choose from that didn't contain any tree nuts, as my younger brother is allergic to them. When I received the cereal boxes, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were family size! (The Toasted Cinnamon Squares was 17.5 oz and the Mallow Oats was 16 oz.) My personal favorite was the Toasted Cinnamon Squares; the squares are sweet, but not too much. This was good for me because I don't like really sweet cereal:)

C really likes cereal!

Here's a description of the Toasted Cinnamon Squares:

Made with whole grain wheat and rice for a delicious breakfast cereal. Breakfast cereal is all we make. We use only the highest quality ingredients. There's nothing artificial, no added saturated fat or hydrogenated oils, no high fructose corn syrup.

10g of whole grain per serving
Made with whole grain wheat
Naturally cholesterol free
0g trans fat per serving

The Mallow Oats box is a great "kid's cereal" with the little marshmallows that remind me of Altoid mints, and the toasted oats that are in the shape of anchors. This would be a great take-along snack for a long trip. Parents don't have to worry about all the "junk" that comes along with most other processed foods; it contains no MSG! A sweet snack, yet with no unhealthy ingredients!

14g of Whole Grain Per Serving
Made with Whole Grain Oats
Naturally Low Fat
0g Trans Fat Per Serving
Naturally Cholesterol Free
Great Taste & and Wholesome Goodness


All Natural • Highest Quality • Best Value
Sustainability and Stewardship

Renewable Energy
We support renewable energy development by purchasing 100% of the electricity consumed by the production of our natural cereals from Windsource®. Windsource® is the US registered trademark of Xcel Energy Inc.

We have active programs to reduce energy and minimize water use at our Northfield, Minnesota plant. Since 1996, we have reduced the water used to make cereal by 41% and we’ve reduced our energy use by 10%. That adds up to millions of gallons of water and KWh of energy saved through creative conservation.

Over 99% of the waste in our Northfield plant is recycled.

We have many recycling programs throughout our company. Our cartons are made from 100% recycled paperboard, minimum 35% post consumer content.

Community Service
“MOM Cares” is an employee funded foundation that has given over 90 grants to help others in our community.

Energy Fair
Each year we host an Energy Fair to inform, educate and inspire our employees and business community.

Disclaimer: I was sent 2 boxes of cereal for reviewing.
All thoughts are my own.  Italicized words are from Mom's Best Naturals website.


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