Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lost Island Smugglers Book Review & Interview with Max Elliot Anderson


1) When did you begin your writing career?

I began writing for publication just after 9/11.

2) What motivated you to begin writing?
I grew up hating to read, but I had begun writing earlier than I realized. That’s because for years I wrote proposals and scripts for my client video productions and hundreds of television commercials. But it was the events of 9/11 that caused the career change. Most of my clients also experienced severe changes in their businesses resulting in less need for professional video production. It was at this time that I wanted to understand why I had not been an avid reader. My research uncovered several reasons so I began writing the kinds of action-adventures and mysteries that I would have enjoyed as a child.

It’s ironic that this year, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I’ll have a new book released, When the lights go Out, that is intended to teach children why it’s important that we never forget what happened. It’s interesting because I began writing for publication 10 years ago because of 9/11.

3) Why did you write this book?
I liked the movie, A Perfect Storm with the massive waves and helpless boat and crew. Lost Island Smugglers is about three boys who go out for scuba diving without permission and are unaware that a massive storm is approaching. Their small catamaran is smashed to pieces and they wash up on Lost Island. The story is about doing the right thing and carries an anti-drug theme.

4) Who is your favorite character?
If I had to choose, it’d probably be the main character, Sam Cooper. He’s the hero of the story and, more than likely I see myself in that role. Sam knows the difference between right and wrong, but because of peer pressure, he chooses the wrong thing and has to pay for it. The next book in the series is Captain Jack’s Treasure followed by River Rampage.

5) What feeling or idea do you want readers to come away with after completing Lost Island Smugglers?
I’d like kids to know, very early in life, that using drugs is pretty stupid. But I show it in ways that don’t preach in any way. It’s also important for kids to respect their parents and to choose what’s right, even though that might be difficult at the time.

6) How can readers contact you?
Books for Boys Blog
Author Web Site
I’m also active on Facebook, Twitter, ShoutLife, Linkedin, and others.

7) Do you have any advice for writers?
Writers need to come to grips very early with the concept that writing and publishing is a business. It can be hard work at times, and your success may take several years. I believe the days are gone when a writer can function without an agent, even though I understand that some people have figured out how to do that. And writing will be the easiest part. New writers need to be prepared for what comes next because that’s where the hard work truly begins. Having said that, I’m at total peace when I’m writing and it’s the most enjoyable creative activity I’ve ever experienced.


Lost Island Smugglers is a softcover book containing 255 pages, and is the first in the Sam Cooper Adventure Series.  I gave Lost Island Smugglers to my younger brother as a holiday present, and he really enjoyed reading it!  It grabbed his attention, and he was finished reading it in a little over a week.  He just came up to me while I was typing and said, "That was a good book."  :)

Lost Island Smugglers is about three boys- Sam Cooper, Tony and Tyler.  The exciting and frightening adventure begins when the boys venture out onto the ocean without the consent of their parents, and end up getting caught in a nasty storm and more dangerous yet...discovering the hideout of the smugglers.

My brothers have also really enjoyed reading Legend of the White Wolf and Reckless Runaway.  Books by Max Elliot Anderson are especially suitable for boys ages 8-13, though girls can enjoy them as well.  If you have a son or brother who doesn't enjoy reading, I recommend that you share a Max Elliot Anderson book with them!  They'll soon be a bookworm:)

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Disclaimer: Thank you to Mr. Anderson for sending me a copy of Lost Island Smugglers.  Review thoughts are my own.


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