Thursday, March 17, 2011

SmileBooks Review!!

SmileBooks is a fantastic company where you can personally design your own album/scrapbook!  They most graciously gave me a $100 coupon code for a review.  There are two ways to create a SmileBook- download a program and design your own or SmileBooks will kindly do it for you with your approval!
The back:)

I designed my own 74 page 8x6 Compact hard cover SmileBook.  It took me a long time to design the photo book (hours to be exact:), but I'm so glad I put the time into it.  When it arrived, I was not expecting an actual book, but rather more of a scrapbook.  What a pleasant surprise!  For the cover, I picked a light blue with the text "Our Family" in brown font.  On the right side, I put a picture of my parents at the top  and one of each of the children underneath.  To the left of that there is a photo of a gorgeous waterfall I took last summer.  I am totally amazed at all the different selections SmileBook provides!  To decorate the book, I added a cute arrangement of clip art, frames and colorful lettering.  SmileBooks also has many bright backgrounds that feature a variety of designs.  Here's the best part, you can as many photos as you like for one page!!  The photos are clear, bright, and you can position them however you like.  All in all, I am extremely pleased with the photo book and with their friendly service.  SmileBooks are wonderful presents and treasured keepsakes that will last a lifetime!
Pages from my SmileBook...


"Cewe Photo Finishing
Cewe Photo FinishingCeWe Color produces more than one million SmileBooks / CEWE PHOTO BOOKS a year and is the leading photo-finishing company in the world. Founded by Senator H.C. Heinz Neumüller in 1961 in Oldenburg, Germany, CeWe Color has long left its humble roots as small photographic studio behind.

At CeWe Color we develop over 3 billion color photos every year! If each of these prints were 4x6 in size and laid out in a single line, the result would be a strip of photos over 280,000 miles long! You could wrap it around the earth almost 10 times!
Highest Quality!
A SmileBook is a wonderful memento and a fabulous gift. Design one-of-a-kind photo books using our SmileBook Software. It’s easy and so much fun. You create the book – we print it and deliver it to your doorstep. Your SmileBook is printed using the latest generation of digital printers. These high-tech machines guarantee fast processing and the highest possible quality.

■The inner pages are printed on fine glossy paper. SmileBooks may contain up to 98 pages so you have plenty of room for all of your images and text.
■The printed pages are cut to exact dimensions and then professionally bound. Our covers give the book extra stability and guarantee that your photo book will last and last.
■Within days of placing your order, you will receive your own fully customized, professional photo book.
All-Around Quality Control
All-Around Quality ControlAt CeWe Color we enforce strict quality control procedures to ensure that every SmileBook is perfect. All printing processes are constantly monitored in order to guarantee a consistently high quality for every single book that leaves any of our facilities.
Quality is the key!
Our mission is to provide the market with the highest level of quality available. We want to make sure that you are totally satisfied with every SmileBook you order. We guarantee that you will be able to enjoy a lifetime's worth of memories every time you open your SmileBook. Our dedication to producing the highest quality photo books has resulted in multiple awards.
Great Service Throughout Europe and the US!
CeWe Color's high quality photo products are available in Europe and the US. We have a workforce of over 3,000 employees in 19 production facilities around the world. Headquarters are based in Oldenburg, Germany. In order to meet the demands of millions of professional and amateur photographers, we use cutting edge technology to produce fantastic results every time."
SmileBooks is offering my readers coupons for a 30% off any photo book (Coupon: SAVE30) or a free 8x8" soft cover photo book (Coupon: FREESMILEBOOK) with 26 pages until 3/31/11.  What a great deal:)  To create your own photo book, click here.

Disclaimer:  I received free product for this review.  All thoughts are my own.  Quotes are from the SmileBooks website.

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