Saturday, September 17, 2011

Grace and Truth Books Review!

Grace and Truth Books is a great company that offers many, many wholesome books for the family.  They kindly allowed for me to choose a title from the selection of books they publish!  I chose Behind Mr. Bunyan

This is a short softcover book, containing 50 pages.  Though Behind Mr. Bunyan is from the Girls Heritage Set, it contains a great message for all Christians.  This was originally published in the 1700s, and since my dad loves old books even he was interested in it!  Thus we decided upon using it as a family read aloud.

Behind Mr. Bunyan tells the story of twenty-one-year old Agnes Beaumont, a Christian young lady who lives with her father.  Agnes starts to go to the church of John Bunyan- the man who authored a good number of books including the renowned Pilgrim's Progress and had been in prison for many years because of his preaching.  Agnes thoroughly enjoys the church meetings and has really grown in her walk with the Lord, but certain people in her life resent this, going at all lengths to bring an end to her attendance as well as ruin her and John Bunyan's testimonies.          

Through it all, Agnes never denies her Lord, and remains a faithful warrior for Him.  Also included in the book are little comics that really enhance the book.  Bookworms, don't miss out on this one!

"About Grace & Truth Books
Who are Grace & Truth Books? We are the family business of Dennis & Naomi Gundersen, and our four boys, all of whom have made significant contributions to the business. Our oldest son Ben, designing covers; David, who has worked for us in packing orders and shipping / receiving. Mike, who designed our first website and has traveled to countless homeschool conventions with Dennis; and Greg, who is our resident artist, re-drawing cover art and inside book sketches.

But before any of this came about, all of our married lives, Naomi and I had dreamed of the idea of opening a Christian bookstore, even of becoming a Christian book publisher. This vision was in our minds back in the 70’s, long before any such thing as an online Christian book store existed!

Becoming an online Christian Book Store
It was in 1993 that our family first came across some of the great Christian character-building children's books from the 1800’s, then owned by Triangle Press. We were eager to distribute and become a book seller to promote those titles! Little did we know that, in a few short years, we would become their largest distributor of those books, and then, in a few short years, that we would be buying that company and would dub them all “Grace & Truth Books.”

Our company name, by the way, comes directly from a phrase in The Gospel of John, chapter 1, verse 17: “grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.”   To my wife and I, it seemed that would be a marvelous name for a bookstore: Grace & Truth! So in 1994, that’s what we named our fledgling Christian book business.

Learning the art of Christian book publishing
Then it was in 1996 that a missionary we supported was hoping to find a publisher to bring back into print his story about his work in a particular tribal village in Papua New Guinea. So, in order to learn the art of publishing, we embarked on printing his “In The Hearts of Wild Men”, and learned how to go about publishing, if you will. Since then, we have become the publishers of almost 80 books, primarily Christian character building books for children."

Disclaimer:  I received free product for this review.  All thoughts are my own.  Quotes taken from  I do not claim to endorse everything displayed on this site.


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