Saturday, September 3, 2011

*MeebleMail Review*

Isn't it so much fun to customize things- to make it 100% your own... to make it suit your own personal taste? MeebleMail is a neat website that offers cute email stationery for you to do just that!  They contacted me to see if I'd be interested in reviewing their company.  I agreed, and they kindly sent me a gift certificate to their site.  Wow, there are sooo many designs to pick from which was great for me, since I love having many options.  Here's all the different categories to peruse from!...
Damask & Toile
Flowers & Foliage
Food & Drink
New Arrivals
Polka Dots
Sea & Sand
Simple Border
Tweens & Teens
The two styles I chose were the Plaid Dogwood

and the Seahorse Square!

For the Plaid Dogwood, I personalized it by aligning my first and middle names at the top center, and adding a Bible verse at the bottom.  This one is my favorite- the pattern is my style!  It was convenient that there were already a few colors right there for my name that matched stationery.  For the Seahorse Square, I again put my first and middle names with a short text in "Harvey Text" at the bottom.      

It was helpful that MeebleMail offers a "Help" page on their site as to cut-down confusion with installing my stationery.  For the next year, I can send an unlimited number of emails to friends, etc. which is fantastic!

Find out more about MeebleMail below:
" allows users to send personalized, stylish email stationery that inserts directly into their everyday email. Through partnerships with well-known fashion, home and paper stationery brands, has created a library of stylish and unique email stationery that allows consumers to more fully express themselves through their email. Just like custom paper stationery, users can personalize the email stationery with their name, monogram, address or a motif – providing endless possibilities for customization. MeebleMail email stationery currently works with AOL, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail. Support for Outlook and Mail for Mac is coming soon, click here to be notified as soon as it's available.

We believe in giving back — so we've partnered with non-profit organizations that support causes that are meaningful to our team. When you choose email stationery designs from our cause partners such as The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Wildlife Conservation Society and AmeriCares, we donate 50% of the purchase price directly to the organization.
Browse through our library of email stationery and add a little "me" to your email."

Here's just a tiny sampling from MeebleMail's fabulous collection of patterns:

Tthe possibilities are almost endless with MeebleMail!  Be sure to get your own stationery; your friends will be totally impressed and then they'll want their own MeebleMail:)

Disclaimer:  I received free products for this review.  All thoughts are my own.  Quotes taken from  I do not necessarily agree with everything displayed on this site.


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