Sunday, March 4, 2012

*Moody Publishers Book Review*

I love adventurous missionary stories; they are captivating, exciting, and full of suspense.  Furthermore, the life of Gladys Aylward has for a while been an inspiration to me.  Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman combines both of those interests!  Moody Publishers most kindly provided me with a copy to review.
This small, softcover book has 18 chapters and is 153 pages long, but there is an amazing lesson to be gleaned from this autobiography.  

Gladys Aylward (1902-1968), a famous missionary to China, was brought up in a Christian home, though she did not get saved until she was a young woman.  This happened at a religious meeting one evening.  Following her conversion, Gladys was burdened with the need to reach the Chinese people with the Gospel from having read a Young Life Campaign magazine.  She expressed this need to her friends and to her brother, trying to persuade him to go to China, but his response was," Not me!  That's an old maid's job!  Why don't you go yourself?"  

An old maid's job, huh?  Well, this was nothing close to an "old maid's job" as Gladys' brother had phrased it; and since nobody else was doing anything about the problem,
 Gladys decided to go herself.  

 This proved a most difficult and tiresome job which included many setbacks, including not being accepted by the mission board.  But Gladys did not give up.  She read her Bible, and was encouraged by the lives of godly Christians who persevered like Abraham, Moses, and Nehemiah.  Gladys Aylward left for the mission field with less than $10, and learned to reply upon God.  He was her Everything in all circumstances and situations, from when she had to walk many miles in the bitter cold of Russia because the train could not go through to when she journeyed wiith several children from China all the way to Siam (present day Thailand).  When she was stranded on the train in Russia, she turned to despair, but then thought: "I am failing my God.  He isn't thousands of miles away.  He is right beside me.  Why should I worry about my journey when God is helping me all the time."  Gladys Aylward learned throughout her life that
He is there-
her life verse was this: "Be ye not afraid of them- I am your God."   

Gladys Alyward: The Little Woman is an edifying book that will encourage and challenge you to trust the Lord more fully.

About Moody Publishers..."Education. Edification. Evangelization.
The vision of Moody Publishers is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and a biblical worldview in such creative and powerful ways that individuals worldwide will live in increasing measure as His fully-devoted followers. Our mission is to educate and edify the Christian and to evangelize the non-Christian by ethically publishing conservative, evangelical Christian literature and other media for all ages around the world, and to help provide resources for Moody Bible Institute in its training of future Christian leaders."

Disclaimer: I received free product for this review.  All thoughts are my won.  Quotes taken from and book.


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